Guided Knowledge is developing the next generation of wearables. We’ve developed the world’s most advanced smart suit and synchronized it to an interactive app. It measures skill performance in minute detail and delivers on-demand digital coaching to empower positive change.

The GK Motion System provides professional athletes and coaches with a brand new view of skill performance. For the first time, they can collaborate anytime, anywhere, in-person or remotely, using state-of-the-art 3D technology. Together they can determine performance objectives, understand skill development trajectory and set tasks to improve outcomes while maintaining current performance levels.

Our technology captures more than 90,000 pieces of data per second, which are synthesized into hundreds of customizable metrics and drives the real-time playback of a scaled 3D avatar with a 360-degree view.

Our easy-to-use interface distills the data into simple, informative performance feedback for athlete and coach. GK’s technology enables a truly digital dialogue that will enhance the coach and player’s working dynamic.

Our first product to market is designed to provide professional golfers and their coaches with an unprecedented competitive advantage.


The GK Smart Suit is a base layer garment embedded with 18-sensors that can measure speed, angle and direction. The motion data is transmitted to a pod and processed at a rate of 1,000 samples per second using a series of complex algorithms to analyze and understand the user’s performance. This enables us to capture users’ biomechanical movement patterns in extreme detail and with unparalleled accuracy.

The GK App provides real-time performance feedback via an easy-to-use dashboard as well as a sophisticated 3D avatar with a 360-degree view. The performance data is stored in the Cloud, which allows users to access and/or share the feedback anytime, anywhere across devices.


GK’s first product to market is designed to fulfill the unmet needs of professional golfers and their coaches, who require granular, accurate and reliable visibility into the player’s unique swing signature. This allows them to make small but impactful changes or maintain consistent performance.

For golf, the GK Motion System provides visibility across 10 body components against the 10 phases of the golf swing. For the average golf swing, we capture approximately 360,000 pieces of skill performance data and synthesize it into simple metrics allowing coach and player to zoom into one particular area.

The product is currently only available through our early-adopter program. It was created for forward thinking, tech-savvy professional golfers and their coaches who want to get ahead of the curve. To learn more about the early adopter program, let us know by emailing info@guidedknowledge.com.

Meanwhile, watch this space for more information about the official golf launch soon.




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We are already thinking to the future. Whether learning a new skill or mastering an art, we offer people an objective way to measure their performance and progress so it’s easier to improve. Not only that, but we open a dialogue with expert mentors to support them on their journey.

Our technology has been designed to scale and easily adapt to numerous sports like baseball, tennis, cycling and skiing as well as other categories like health, wellness, workplace, performing arts and many others. As new and exciting products are added to our line up, you can read about them first here.

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