Future Developments

We are proud to announce we have now launched the Dragonfly Golf Club Package

Dragonfly Golf’s Club Package utilises our award-winning technology to move 3D motion capture out of the lab setting and allows golfers of all skill levels to measure their motion at any practice facility (indoor or outdoor) or on the course.

Coaches will be able to create an entirely new coaching business model leveraging the Dragonfly Golf system.

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Golf today…  Tennis, Baseball and others coming soon 

We are thinking to the future.

Our technology has been designed to scale and easily adapt. Whether learning a new skill or mastering an art, we offer objective visibility into skill performance and progress so it’s easier to improve.  

Next up in our development pipeline is baseball.   

We are constantly evaluating numerous sports like tennis, cricket, cycling and skiing as well as other categories like health, wellness, workplace, performing arts and others for future development. 

As new products are added to our portfolio, we will include information in our updates.

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