Our vision is to realize human potential

It's big. It has to be because we believe our technology is going to change the world we live in.

From elite sports to healthcare and workplace design, Guided Knowledge measures performance to empower positive change and realize human potential.

We use data to show people what’s possible. From marginal gains to the biggest leaps in understanding, we make real progress visible.

A world’s first technology 

We’re developing a number of Guided Knowledge products driven by a single breakthrough, patented technology. 

We have developed the world's most advanced motion capture smart suit and interactive coaching app. Together they capture, measure and analyze human movement to reveal actionable insights previously invisible to the naked eye or on video. 

The result is a brand-new digital coaching proposition that provides accurate, reliable, real-time feedback making learning new skills faster, easier and more cost effective.

Today the global wearable marketplace is valued at more than $50bn* 

Our technology has been designed to scale across numerous sports such as golf, baseball and tennis as well as categories like fitness, rehabilitation, health and wellness. In the future, we’ll tackle other sectors like  performing arts, workplace and military solutions. 


We believe in using data for good  

We bring data out of the shadows and shine a light on improvements in the real-world. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, a sports coach or a doctor, we believe that unlocking data is the key to progress. 

Capturing data responsibly is core to our business. Translating it meaningfully is our passion. And putting all of that information and insight into practice? That’s our speciality.

We launched Dragonfly Golf powered by Guided Knowledge in January 2020

Dragonfly Golf delivers professional golfers and their coaches the advantage of training in-person or remotely. Players and coaches can now digitally collaborate in-real time, anytime, anywhere – no matter where in the world.

Our technology is the first to move 3D motion capture training from the lab onto the course to deliver real world, competitive performance feedback. We have truly digitized the coaching experience.

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