Dragonfly Golf powered by Guided Knowledge is inspired by the
iconic and agile dragonfly, symbolic of transformation. The dragonfly has 30,000 facets in huge compound eyes that enables a seamless 360-degree view built from infinite metrics and data.

Dragonfly Golf delivers an exciting brand new 360-degree view of skill performance for golf.

The Dragonfly Golf system is an 18-sensor smart suit and digital coaching app
that delivers golf professionals the benefits of a personal sports science studio to their fingertips, anytime and anywhere.


We empower coaches to design and deliver a measurable journey towards their player's best game.


We empower elite athletes to train smarter not harder to achieve performance objectives.


Professional sports are more data-driven than ever before and today’s top golfers demand smart coaching.

Dragonfly Golf delivers performance data to truly understand your player's unique swing signature and deliver a competitive edge. Our technology translates a host of previously invisible data into practical insight via hundreds of performance metrics, 360-degree visibility and instant feedback.

Dragonfly Golf is the world’s most advanced golf feedback platform with the ability to simplify complex data and inform a meaningful dialogue with each of your players. You can benchmark skill performance, set new targets and measure progress with pinpoint accuracy across multiple players. Our award-winning technology enables engagement with your players' performance in-person or remotely and in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Our award winning technology supercharges your capability and capacity to deliver players with an invaluable depth of insight and a competitive advantage.


The world of professional sport has never been fiercer. Marginal gains are no longer an advantage: they’re the difference between winning and anonymity.

We equip you with the competitive insight to play your best possible game by training smarter, not harder. From macro movements to micro measurements, Dragonfly Golf delivers instant feedback, purposeful direction and a 360-degree visibility to maximize your training anywhere, anytime.

Now you can collaborate with your coach to set a training regimen, monitor performance and deliver feedback in real-time no matter where in the world you are practicing.

Our award-winning technology puts the power of a state-of-the-art sports science studio at your fingertips whether you are on the golf range, in your backyard or in the near future, on the course.


The Dragonfly Golf system is currently only available through an early adoption program for professional golfers
and as the Official Wearable 3D Motion System for
the IMG Academy Golf Program.

In early 2020, the Dragonfly Golf System will be available for sale at select clubs and universities in Florida and other regions later in the year.

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