The Dragonfly Golf Team took the 2020 PGA Show by storm.

Dragonfly Golf


It’s kinda cool being cool.

We kicked off 2020 right at the PGA Show! Golf Digest reported, “This is the coolest product golf has seen in years … and it might revolutionize the industry, too.

Dragonfly Golf is the next generation of high-performance sports technology making 3D motion capture mobile, accessible and more affordable.

The Dragonfly Golf Early Adoption Program  

We announced at the 2020 PGA Show that we’re rolling out our early adoption program and seeking additional partnerships with academic institutions, distributors, coaches, tour players and other golf professionals. The program is designed for forward-thinking, tech-savvy golf professionals who want access to state-of-the-art 3D technology to enhance their game or coaching tuition.

The program entitles early access to our groundbreaking 3D technology plus upgrades, enhancements and features for the first year at no additional cost, a significant value. Beyond the first year, there is annual fee. In exchange, we would like to work with early adopters to gather intelligence to inform future upgrades and new features.

The Dragonfly Golf system is currently designed for one individual per system. Each smart suit is bespoke to the individual golfer to ensure optimal accuracy and reliability. We are developing solutions that cater to multiple golfers. Stay tuned for future updates…

The Dragonfly Golf Early Adoption Program is initially rolling out in the U.K. and Florida (USA). In the near future, we will be looking to expand to additional golf-centric regions. Given the interest we have received from the PGA Show, we will likely be expanding our geographical footprint sooner than expected!

If you are interested in joining the Dragonfly Golf Early Adoption Program, please contact Derwynne Honan at +44 (0) 2394005281 or



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